Lanecardate specialise in spinning superfine wools that are blended with Angora, Cashmere and Silk, spun exclusively in the Biella region of Italy using the traditional carding method. This is the home of the Lamora® product, a blend of superfine wool and hand sheared, specially selected Angora.

Key Qualities:

Lamora® available in 1/16nm, 2/16nm, 2/28nm and Cable
75% Wool 25% Angora

Donegal available in 1/15nm & 2/15nm
100% Superfine 18.4 micron Wool (Super 100s)

A variety of Cashmere Blends:

Vela 1/16nm, 2/16nm and Cable
90% Superfine 18 micron Wool 10% Cashmere

Trebisonda 1/15nm, 2/15nm and Cable
70% Superfine 17.5 micron Wool 30% Cashmere