White kashmir (pashmina) goat from Indian highland farm in Ladakh going with herd

Research, innovation, and precision have been at the forefront of Cariaggi’s development for over 50 years. At their factory in Cagli, they use cutting edge technology and sophisticated IT systems, alongside years of craftsmanship, allowing them to create the most prestigious carded and worsted yarns.

Key Qualities:

Cashmere 2/28nm
100% Cashmere
190 colours in Stock Service

Cashmere 2/48nm
100% Cashmere
Stock Service

70% Cashmere 30% Silk
Available in 2/56nm* & 2/120nm
*Stock Service

Available in 2/60nm*, 2/80nm, 3/80nm & 2/120nm
100% Cashmere
*Stock Service

Available in 2/60nm* & 2/80nm
100% 18.5 micron Merino
*Stock Serice